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"Using the Asian method, we teach kids basic skills. Using the American method, we teach them how to apply these skills. Our ability to strike the balance between repetition and reasoning empowers kids with a strong foundation and the confidence to apply it."

Chinese Class

Academic Workout for Math & Reading
Grades 1-6 First, each student’s ability is assessed and evaluated. FTL academic coaches will create individualized study plans and set specific goals with students to help ensure they master core math and reading skills. Students work at their own ability level and progress to the next level only when they master the previous skill. These 60 minute-long workout sessions will strengthen their mental acuity and enhance their ability to achieve individual learning goals. 60-minute workout Monday through Thursday 3:00 / 3:30 / 4:00 Saturday 9:00 / 11:00 / 1:00
PreKinder Workshop
Students will develop greater control over the muscles used for writing, drawing, cutting, buttoning and zipping. They will learn to follow directions, count concrete objects, identify colors, and see similarities and differences between objects. Students will learn to recognize and write upper- and lower-case letters, and the numbers 1-100. They will learn how to sound out words by the word families as well as how to recognize common sight words. They will also learn addition and subtraction using fact families. Monday: 10:30 / 1:00 / 2:30 Tuesday: 10:00 / 1:00 / 2:30 Wednesday: 10:30 / 1:00 / 2:30 Thursday: 1:00 / 2:30 Friday: 1:00 / 2:30 Saturday: 9:00 / 11:00
Writing Workshop
This class will expose students to the elements necessary for success in writing. Students will learn to recognize and write clear topic sentences tat fit the supporting information in a paragraph. In addition, the class will review basic grammatical concepts to ensure clear expression of ideas in student writing. By the end of the 4-class session, students will be able to write well-organized paragraphs that clearly answer given prompts- an essential skill for success in both elementary and secondary school.
Language Classes


Monday 4:00-5:00 Saturday 4:00-5:00
ISEE Test Prep 2017
Get personalized attention and prepare for the test with ease. The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) is a challenging test, and a low stanine score in even one single area can be the deciding factor of an acceptance or a rejection to the secondary schools of your choice. DON’T LEAVE IT TO CHANCE! At FIRST TO LEARN, we specialize in private and small group tutoring to prepare students for this crucial test. Students practice important test-taking skills and master essential concepts in our flexible schedule group workshops. We are unique because we conduct full-length practice tests frequently, and after practice tests, we offer customized practice packages that are designed to target each student’s weaknesses.
Private Tutoring
By Appointments only
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